Lyme Defense & Intensive Immune Support

Lyme Defense & Intensive Immune Support

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What is in this tincture blend and what we added it for:

Chaga – Probably the most well-known medicinal mushroom for its immune support, anticancer, anti-inflammation and antiviral activities.

Turkey Tail – Immune support, one of the world’s most thoroughly studied mushrooms for anticancer and anti-tumor capabilities.

Hemlock Reishi – Immune support, improved liver function and detoxification, anti-tumor and anticancer.

Birch Polypore - Immune support, anti-inflammatory, has been found to fight the bacterium Escherichia coli and other harmful bacteria, antiviral, anti-tumor, anti-parasitic, antiseptic and soothes nerves and fights fatigue.

Lion’s Mane - Found to be a stimulator of nerve growth synthesis and has been investigated as treatment for Alzheimer’s and the potential for nerve regeneration and increased brain function. High anti-oxidant values.

Japanese Knotweed – Immune support, antibacterial, enhances blood flow, anti-inflammatory, cardio-protective, crosses the blood brain barrier to benefit the central nervous system.


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